New 8,000lb Forklift

We at  AUSTIN MACHINE & TOOL have over 40 years of experience in machining a wide array of materials. We are skilled in designing small machines, molds, tools and fixtures.


We will machine detail any part to your print or model. If you have a broken part, we'll reverse engineer your part or build a new one.


Give us a call or stop in, we can get a quote fast and on time. We will work with you to reach your deadlines.



We Can Swing 16" Diameter 80" Long

It Has A 6" through Hole In It 

New Large CNC Lathe

On our design side, we have the state of art Cad System to engineer parts. We even have cam software so we can do 3D Machining.

We have a CNC mill that has the capabilities of 60" x 30" x 28", CNC lathe that  can swing 23" x 60" with a 3.15 spindle bore. We have a 6"x 18" surface grinder, manual mill, manual lathe, 42 " Madisonrotary grinder and all the rest of inspecting tools to measure finished parts.

We have a team that can machine parts to any tolerance you request. We know how important it is to get your project done.  We also can fix your break down in a timely manner to get you back up and running.


Our Team

Why Choose Us

Horizontal Boring Mill

For The Bigger Projects

Large Molds

Large Manual Lathe

It can swing 32" and has a 25" 6 jaw chuck

Tour of our shop


We are a fast growing company. Established in 2012, we want you to grow with us. 


Fully Enclosed Mill

High Speed

We are here to serve you


   Custom Painting

Our  75 ton press

  To straighten parts and broach key ways.

Custom Part LOcator

Large Mattison Grinder

42" Capacity

We Can Hold +/- .002  With It 

Sample Parts

 Open Mills







We Can Even Make Custom Set Screws

                       With The Hex

Custom Chuck Jaws

You need your parts painted no problem.

                   We do this in house


Surface Grinder 

For The More Accurate Parts